Story of Falling In Time

The Story Of Falling In Time

BANG…… Two days after a gig in Dunedin, New Zealand I was in a motorbike crash with a car.

After some timeout from playing the drums and parting ways with the previous band for a change of scenery, my guitar spent more time in my hands…Two years went by and I found myself always messing around with guitar riffs, drum techniques and got some new chops. I decided to move back to my home town of Oamaru to form a band.

The only problem was everyone was keen but everyone was too busy with life to put the time in that was needed. The day I decided to start alone, I was waiting for a Guitarist so i could practice singing a song lol… He didn’t show I said “fuck it”, put the guitar on and did it alone.

End Result four months later the first album, Raglan Stories was born

After Raglan Stories

I found it was my calling you could say…

Next up an EP – Hillside Sessions was created, but I wasn’t happy doing all the instruments and vocals alone. I was telling a friend this and how I always wanted female backup vocals and other musicians on board. She said “well I’ll do backup then”. So Chloe Rose has done backup vocals on four of the songs.

And now the second album is about to be released on the 4th July titled, Every Which Way Society Complains.

Whats next for Falling In Time…?

A session guitarist has made him self known and a session drummer from the States that should be back soon as well….

Falling In Time is building for some gigs \m/(‘;’)\m/

…and it wont be long a new (EP) leads into a third album…